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Furnace Maintenance in Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky

Here in Ohio, we rely pretty heavily on our heating systems to get us through that unpredictable winter chill. When you think of your furnace system, what do you want from it? Reliability, efficiency, and little to no trouble or stutters, yes? If so, you’re like the vast majority of homeowners. And when you want all of these things and more, you need to pursue routine furnace maintenance!

At Schneller Knochelmann Plumbing, Heating & Air, our experts are dedicated to ensuring you get the best in service and dependability from your Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky furnace. We utilize top-class tools, extensive knowledge, and a drive to provide the best in order to optimize your furnace system for perfect performance, and you can always count on our team to take your needs seriously.

Furnace Maintenance Services in Ohio & Northern Kentucky

You can consider furnace maintenance to be fairly similar to getting a car tune-up, or rotating your tires. It’s all about problem prevention, and getting the best performance possible from your critical systems. When you get maintenance, you can expect better heating at less cost, and a furnace system that will serve you faithfully for years to come.

Our maintenance services are fully comprehensive, offering you all of the services needed to ensure your furnace system is optimized perfectly. Schneller Knochelmann will perform:

  • Complete system diagnostics and checks
  • A check of all electrical systems and connections
  • A thorough cleaning of your furnace
  • Thermostat inspection
  • A system test run to ensure perfect service
  • And more!

The Benefits of Routine Furnace Service

So what exactly does routine service do? What are the perks, and why should you be concerned about it? Well, there’s a lot to like in fact, including:

  • Better heating comfort. When your system gets the service and care it needs, it will just work a whole lot better. When you kick it on for the season, you can expect fast, reliable relief from our bitter winter chills.
  • Lower monthly heating costs. Optimization and improved efficiency translate directly to savings! A system that can get its job done well and with little trouble literally costs less to run, which is a benefit we can all get behind.
  • Reduced risk of breakdowns. The most common causes of a breakdown, including poor airflow, component wear, and electrical system failure, are all addressed during a maintenance service. This enables us to detect problems early, and prevent them before they end up costing you big.
  • A longer-lived furnace system. It’s safe to assume that you want your furnace system to last as long as possible. And with maintenance, you’ll get exactly that. Annually maintained systems outlast those that don’t get service by double or even more!

Why Choose Schneller Knochelmann for Furnace Maintenance?

Schneller Knochelmann Plumbing, Heating & Air first began serving Cincinnati well over eighty years ago. And when those doors opened, they opened with the intention of providing reliable, trustworthy service to clients all across Ohio and Northern Kentucky. And that drive for perfection has never faltered! With our 100% guarantee, you can trust that the Schneller Knochelmann family has your best interests and needs at heart.

Call Us for a Furnace Tune-Up in Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky

No matter your heating system needs, Schneller Knochelmann Plumbing, Heating & Air is the company you can trust—give us a call at 513.407.4424 or 859.757.1877.

FAQs About Furnace Maintenance

When should I schedule furnace maintenance?

The ideal time for our professional heating system maintenance service is in early fall, before the winter heating season begins. This way, we can inspect and test your system to ensure safe and energy-efficient operation before you begin using the furnace this year. However, if it’s already winter, and you haven’t had a furnace tune-up yet, schedule it now instead of waiting until next year. A well-maintained heating system can significantly delay furnace replacement — so better late than never!

My furnace is working fine, so do I really need a tune-up?

Yes. Preventive furnace maintenance tune-ups are designed to keep your system working properly and check for potentially dangerous conditions, like wiring problems or a minor gas leak. We’ll make sure the pilot light is burning clean and make sure your thermostat is correctly calibrated.

Overall, our maintenance visit allows us to catch any impending furnace problems before they progress into major heating system repairs, cause a furnace breakdown in the dead of winter, or send your energy bills soaring. Another great reason for an annual furnace inspection is that it can help extend the life of your heating system. As you can see, this cost-effective service saves you money in many ways.

I’m pretty handy — can I do furnace maintenance myself?

We recommend you leave it to the pros. Professional heating system maintenance is quite complex, and it requires inspecting, cleaning, and adjusting internal moving parts of your furnace or heat pump. We examine and test electrical connections and much more. Also, we’re trained to notice issues like worn parts, and we can repair or replace them before they can cause damage to your system.

What you can do, as a homeowner, is check your HVAC air filter monthly and replace it (or wash and re-use it, depending upon the type of filtration your heating system uses). This ensures your home’s airflow is never reduced by a clogged, dirty air filter. Low airflow can make your furnace (and your AC in summer) work extra hard to distribute conditioned air – increasing energy use and, of course, energy bills. Changing the filter can also help improve your indoor air quality, although an integrated, whole-house air cleaner is recommended for truly fresh indoor air.

Get more expert furnace advice by contacting Schneller Knochelmann online or calling 513.407.4424 or 859.757.1877.

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